For publishers

Dear publishers looking for a prospective author to work with,

Why work with me? I am represented by Steve Laube from the Steve Laube Agency, so you are welcome to contact him directly for an answer to that question.

But, seeing as you’re here, here are a few reasons:

  • I understand the fact that you’re looking for a partnership with an author as much as a single story. I’m in this for the long haul – in terms of future writing, my freelancing business enables me to write alongside my paid work.
  • My early work has been recognized – Pastor Swap was a 2016 ACFW Genesis finalist and is a 2017 OCW Cascade finalist. The Baggage Handler was a 2017 ACFW Genesis semi-finalist.
  • I’ve spent a career working in the creative space. I understand the process from concept development through to fingers on keys through to promotion and speaking engagements. And I’m very familiar with the editing process and don’t take criticism to heart. It’s been a professional necessity.
  • I’ve spent a career working in public relations, publicity, media relations and now social media. I understand publicity.
  • My voice. I am an inspirational writer with a uniqueness to my voice – I’m Australian, male and engaging through clever turns-of-phrase and observations delivered with subtle wit. Style-wise, my writing is more in the vein of The Babylon Bee, The Office or The Daily Show than Left Behind.
  • I am writing inspirational fiction which addresses everyday issues people face: the media, spirituality, social media, reality TV and relationships.
  • My stories also have a global edge to them. They are written to appear in Any City, and the issues listed above are experienced by many Western countries. These themes give my novels a global scope.
  • I’m working with James L Rubart as my mentor on my writing style, writing process and branding. I figured I needed to learn from a best-selling author in order to become one.

So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Steve or myself.  We’d be pleased to speak with you.

David Rawlings