For Book Clubs

Thanks to Watermark!

I love writing stories that make people to think. To me, it’s encouraging to hear is when they’re talking about them; when they’re thinking about the story well after they’ve put down the book.

the baggage handler cover (to be finalised)I would be honored if you read and discuss The Baggage Handler with your book club (and if you’d like I’m happy to join the conversation – more later). That’s why I included some discussion questions at the back of the novel – not to give readers homework, but to spark conversations about the theme on which the book was built and is common to us all. Baggage.

I’ve put together some resources for your book club, and if you don’t need them, that’s fine! I just thought some of you might want to make notes but not deface your book. Hey, I’m a reader too!

Download PDF: Book Club discussion starters – The Baggage Handler

Would you like your questions answered while you’re reading?

Email me your questions before your book club meets and I’ll send you a video with my answers! I am also available to Skype into your book club for a chat about The Baggage Handler, if you’d like to hear from the author, or simply to hear an Australian accent as part of your conversation. You can contact me here, and hopefully we can make the timezones work!

And if you’re looking for something Australian to nibble on while you’re reading and chatting …

I’m an Australian. A proud one. And while The Baggage Handler isn’t an Australian story, here are some ideas for Australian snacks and finger food to your Book Club to nibble on!

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