Lean on me

What sort of person signs up for a life's work - a calling if you will - in which they sweat blood and wade through knee-deep self-doubt over getting it done? What sort of person signs up for a journey that runs a huge risk of being rejected or ridiculed once it's complete? A writer, [...]

Thank goodness for stories

[This post first appeared on the International Christian Fiction Writers blog]. One of the casualties of our society’s desire to develop and get more sophisticated has been the time we spend on things or people. It’s as if we have reduced the very nature of our interaction with each other to as little room as [...]

Dealing with subjectivity – they can’t all be right can they?

[This blog post originally appeared on the Christian Writers Downunder blog in July 2017]. I’m currently sitting on tenterhooks waiting for a competition to announce a winner - one of my manuscripts is up for best unpublished. I’m familiar with those tenterhooks, my manuscripts have been in that position before. It’s a great feeling – [...]