Where the Road Bends

… out now!

Four friends take an Outback tour to reunite 15 years after college, and in losing themselves they discover where they are on the road of life, and where they’ll go from here.

What is the story of Where the Road Bends?

“Andy, Bree, Eliza and Lincoln were inseparable in College. When they graduated, they pledged that when they turned 35, they would reconnect, go on a big adventure and share stories of their successes. Life has since pulled them in different directions, but now it’s time to make good on old promises.

They head to central Australia for a Walkabout Tour in the Outback. Lincoln wants to show to a certain someone what she missed out on back in College. Eliza is almost at the top of the fashion industry in LA and wants to rediscover her purpose in life and Andy just wants to disappear for a while. And Bree wants to know if she can put to bed her dream of becoming a musician, which never eventuated.

Arriving in central Australia, they are taken to a remote campsite in the rugged and dangerous beauty of Australia’s heart. And while they enjoy the gorgeous wildlife and beautiful sights, eating native bush food and learning to throw a boomerang, they soon find their reconnection doesn’t flare into life like they thought it would, and issues from the College years start to creep back in ways they never expected.

After an overnight dust storm, they find themselves separated and needing find their way back to their campsite. Lost, hot and thirsty in the Australian Outback, they are stripped away of who they thought they were and. As they try to find out where they are, they are confronted with not just who they are, but where they are on the road of life. And how they got there.

And not all of them will make it back.”


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(And writing about central Australia required a research trip. Here are some photos…)

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