Like an idea of how David handles and presents in interviews? Here are some samples…

Story Blender - static1.squarespace.comThe Story Blender with Steven James – a chat about story, how we both write, and the power of values when they’re woven into a novel. And a discussion about Where the Road Bends, outback Australia and the power of redemption.

Faith Radio - 0e5796590_1484073920_faith-radio-logoFaith Radio – an interview with Bob Crittenden of The Meeting House. This interview appeared on radio from Montogomery, Alabama. A chat about why Where the Road Bends is a powerful tale of direction in life, and why the characters were written the way there were.

Thriving Christian Artist podcast

The Thriving Christian Artist podcast – chatting with Matt Tommy about the release of Where the Road Bends, being a creative and keeping up the motivation when you’re a creative who also has to pay the bills.



1079Life with Lynn - artworks-000649062811-x18yoy-t500x5001079Life – talking with Lynn Arnold about The Camera Never Lies, and how to reveal truth to people through the power of story.



Arch D Radio logo - 7f4c5ee142dc7d402a1ca7cd88e542392ac0ad56Arch D Radiotalking with James Meston on 1079 Life about how The Baggage Handler came to be written, why being ‘creatively authentic’ is so important, and what church, spirituality and faith means.




The Flea Factory – an honest conversation about our stories, and the courage to keep our dreams alive. And an insight into what bravery means in the life of a writer to keep going when challenges arise.




The Prayer Warriors podcast (CBN) – a conversation with the hosts about the impact of baggage in the lives of everyday people, and how we can all benefit from stopping to analyze what it is we might be carrying, and how we might deal with it, or move on from it.


Constantly Under Construction Podcast with Donna Harris.Constantly Under Construction image

Pastor Writer Podcast with Chase Replogle

Pastor Writer screen shot

StoryNerds, StoryNerds podcast with Jessica Kate and Hannah Davis

StoryNerds screen shot

FaithRadio, The Message House with Bob Crittenden

FaithRadio 2

NovelMarketing with James L Rubart and Thomas Umstadd Jr

NovelMarketing podcast screenshot