David Rawlings, the writer

You’ve obviously come to this page to find out a little bit more about the guy who wrote that book.

rawlings low res colour-2So welcome. There are two halves to a writer – what they do and how they do it.

So this is what I’ve done: over nearly thirty years, I’ve made writing my career and paid the bills with words.  As a journalism graduate, my craft has developed from direct marketing pieces to raise millions for people in need through to advertising campaigns across television, radio and newspapers.  I’ve written brochures, annual reports and corporate communication pieces.  I’ve written more than 1500 web sites and contributed to hundreds of social media campaigns.  I’ve written for magazine and newspapers and contributed to online media as well.

But what about me as a fiction writer? Well, the best fiction comes from deep within, so here’s who I am.

I’m a writer.  Always have been, always will be. But nowadays the stories are mine.

I’m an award-winning writer. My debut novel,The Baggage Handler, won the 2019 Christy Award for Best First Novel. I’m based in Adelaide, South Australia, I am a sports-mad, married father-of-three with my own copywriting/communication business who reads everything within an arm’s reach.  I can spot a typo from across a crowded room and always – always – make sure my text messages are grammatically correct. Oh, and I love cooking and comedy.

I’m the guy who asks “how are you?” and waits for an answer. I’m the guy who asks the second question so we can talk about real things, in a way that helps all of us understand this thing called life.

My writing flows out of that need to have that extra conversation and ask that deeper question. So my novels shine the light onto everything from the media to consumerism to atheism to megachurches to advertising to family relationships to carrying emotional baggage.

So that’s me. But what about you? Would you like to lose yourself in a good novel but find a little of yourself as well? Have a look around the site and let me know what you think – subscribe to my mailing list, join me on Facebook or drop me a line.