You would like a conference or workshop speaker who educates as well as entertains; touches and teaches.

I have presented to conferences across four continents, delivering to rooms of 600+ and workshops of 15 people.

Presentation topics

The power of story: Stories go beyond simple fiction. They can deliver truth, shine a light onto injustice or draw people into something bigger than themselves. And in fields like counseling or ministry, they can be powerful life-changers.

The power of parables: specifically for Christian conferences. Jesus talked in parables to deliver truth because they were powerful tools. Parables can still work today – I’ve written my first three novels around the themes of dealing with baggage, honesty and transparency in relationships, and the direction your life is taking. And I can bring this power to pastoral conferences to showcase one of the best ways to engage with people in a post-modern, post-truth world.

Six lessons from a debut novelist’s journey to publication: My writing journey went from nobody in Australia to a published author cracking the US market in three years. And while everyone’s story is different, there are six lessons any wannabe author could learn from mine.

Managing the writer’s workload: There is so much an author needs to do, and the to-do list extends way beyond simply writing. How do you manage your expectations, fit in a full-time job and ensure your writing works with your wider responsibilities to family or community?

Brainstorming half-a-year’s worth of content for your author platform: A hands-on session to brainstorm content ideas for an author’s platform. Interactive, fun and full of ideas!

The forgotten half of author marketing: When authors throw their entire weight behind marketing their books and career, they are forgetting something very important – the half of marketing that actually helps their sales work, relationship marketing and PR.

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