In my workshop and conference talks, you get more than an author. My communication and marketing experience gives those in the audience an insight into the machine behind publishing, backed by very hands-on tips about communication, marketing, publicity, public relations, social media, and networking in building a profile!

Drawing from 25+ years in corporate communication, publicity and marketing and 15+ years as a corporate workshop presenter and University lecturer, my sessions give the audience a fun experience, in the safe hands of a seasoned, entertaining speaker.

Presentation topics

I have presented on a range of communication, marketing and public relations topics in the corporate sector – some topics that would be relevant to a writer’s conference could be:

Six lessons from a debut novelist’s journey to publication: My writing journey went from nobody in Australia to a published author cracking the US market in three years. And while everyone’s story is different, there are six lessons any wannabe author could learn from mine.

Managing the writer’s workload: There is so much an author needs to do, and the to-do list extends way beyond simply writing. How do you manage your expectations, fit in a full-time job and ensure your writing works with your wider responsibilities to family or community?

How to plan for the Conference: attending a conference requires an investment of time and money, so how can you plan for a conference experience that makes the right connections?

What to do when the Conference is over: When you get home from the Writer’s Conference, the tendency is to flop on the sofa, your work done. But the work is just starting. How do you make the most of your new contacts and how can you turn them into something productive for your writing career?

Brainstorming half-a-year’s worth of content for your author platform: A hands-on session to brainstorm content ideas for an author’s platform. Interactive, fun and full of ideas!

The forgotten half of author marketing: When authors throw their entire weight behind marketing their books and career, they are forgetting something very important – the half of marketing that actually helps their sales work, relationship marketing and PR.

Download: One-sheet – David Rawlings speaking