Why dive deep?

It’s a good question. Why dive deeper into life?

So much of our modern society can be shallow. We don’t have the time or inclination to invest in each other or even in what is going on around us. We have reduced communication to a handful of characters and punctuation dressed up as smiley faces.

Shallow is safe. The surface is easy to reach. It’s also boring.

When you go diving, down deep is where the life is. It’s where the color is. It’s where you’ll find the stories that will be the ones you share with anyone who asks how your diving trip went.

It’s true in baseball, the deeper you go into the playoffs, the better your season.

It’s true in conversations, the deeper you go into a topic, the better you understand it and yourself.

And I find it’s true in writing. The deeper you go into a story, or a character or their experience, the better the reading.

That’s why I write what I do.

So come with me. Dive deeper into life.