Swimming Upstream coverSWIMMING UPSTREAM

Swimming Upstream goes beyond the mechanics of babymaking into the minds of the one-in-six couples who struggle to have a family.

Written by a man who has been through the struggle and in conjunction with a fertility counsellor, this book is for any couple that has ever heard ‘just relax and it will happen’.

Swimming Upstream explores the issues with humour, insight and honesty and, for the first time, includes the male experience, revealing what every man probably won’t say and what every woman wants to know about their man as they struggle to conceive.   The everyday issues that are discussed include:

  • Fertility myths our society holds
  • Why men don’t talk about problems conceiving
  • How a struggle to conceive affects your ability to plan for the future
  • Anger, particularly at injustice at who gets pregnant and who doesn’t
  • The social isolation and putting on a brave face in a child-centred world
  • Dealing with Christmas and other special occasions
  • The effect on a couple’s sex life
  • The Top 10 things you don’t want to hear, including ‘just relax’, ‘so when are you two going to have children’ and ‘it’s alright for you, you’re on two incomes’. This chapter also gives you some ideas on what to say in response.
  • Issues that are particular to a man’s experience, such as sperm tests, dealing with your own father and understanding what your partner goes through

The stories of fifteen men, the author’s own experience and years of experience of a fertility counsellor come together to provide an easy-to-read, practical and reassuring reference to the issues most relevant to couples who are having trouble conceiving.

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