The themes I write about

Story is powerful; it always has been. Story has been a way to bring across deeper issues in a non-threatening way, and for my first three novels, these are the themes you can explore.

Being honest with those around youWeb site - Camera cover

The Camera Never Lies is built around honest and transparency, particularly in relationships.

You’ll read about Daniel, a marriage counselor who proclaims the couples in his care have no secrets with each other, but still holds onto his own. And his wife wants him to open up, but she also has skeletons she’d prefer stayed in the closet.

Dealing with your baggageWeb site - Baggage Handler cover

The Baggage Handler is, unsurprisingly, about dealing with your emotional baggage. Through the journey of three characters who lose their luggage at the airport, you can explore the things that might be holding you back in life.

Things like rejection, or self-doubt; unforgiveness or self-worth.

Discovering how you got to this point in lifeCover - Where the Road Bends(1)

Where the Road Bends is a story of four College friends who, in their mid-30s, are wondering how they got to this point in life.

They might have dreamed, but they haven’t achieved. They might have achieved, but they are unfulfilled. They might have created a mess, but they are unwilling to deal with it.

These are journeys we are all on. And in reading the journeys of others, you might see something of your own.