For my friends at NWCA

Thanks for joining me in the Zoom session for “Lights, Camera, Platform!
Making video work for you.”

I thought I’d show you some videos that I’ve done to highlight some of the points I was talking about. That’s not to say these are the best videos you could do, or even the best videos I’ve done – but they have generated a response, which is the reason why we have a platform in the first place.

Oh, and here are the notes from today’s session: Notes from Zoom session (May 2020) – NWCA

Video shot to accompany pitches to agents and publishers


Giving away signed copies of The Camera Never Lies

Where the Road Bends – footage shot in outback Australia

Video blurb for The Baggage Handler – pre-launch


Celebrate with me – unboxing my novel!


Video of thanks to my publishing team in Nashville after I won The Christy Award


Why I write fiction


Why did I write The Baggage Handler?