Another sneak peek at The Baggage Handler …

So by now you know that The Baggage Handler will be published in March 2019, courtesy of the wonderful people at HarperCollins Christian.  I’m neck-deep in line edits at the moment, and revisiting some of the work that I haven’t looked at in great detail for some months.

I thought I’d share some with you … this is a sneak peek at one of my characters, Gillian Short:

Gillian’s phone beeped with a text, and in an instant, she became an observer in her own life.

I’m walking in. Will be there in a minute to carry your bag.

Becky, always the protective older sister. A superhero with a cape.

A squeal burst over her shoulder. A young woman threw herself into the arms of a young man carrying a huge bouquet.

I wish Rick would meet me like that.

Her phone rang in her hand, and Becky’s voice seemed to sound in her ear before she even answered the call. “Gilly, I’m at baggage claim. Where are you?”

Her big sister teetered on her tiptoes three carousels away, searching the crowded baggage area. Then she waved in recognition and rushed over, shoving her way through the throng.

“I’m so happy you made it.” Becky held Gillian by the shoulders. “Let me see you.”

Gillian didn’t want to be seen. Her gaze hit the floor as she once again stood in the shadow of her sister—a tall frame wrapped in a pencil dress, perfection from styled blond hair to painted toenails poking through Dolce & Gabbana open-toed shoes. She squirmed under the inspection, acutely aware of hair that was the victim of a pre-dawn start, makeup still in her suitcase, and bags under eyes that wouldn’t have been out of place on the carousel.

“How are you?” Becky enveloped Gillian in a powerful hug. “A silly question to ask. I know you had a great flight. I’ve got to drop off my designs for the floral arrangements for our rehearsal dinner, so I’ll drop you home and then do that. Then I’ve booked Marcellinas for lunch, so we can catch up. It’s been a while. Anyway, much turbulence? You got to the airport okay?”

As always, Becky jumped from topic to topic like a Jeopardy contestant on an espresso bender. She disengaged with a jolt.

“Anyway, it’s terrific to have you here. I’m so thrilled you could come. It’s been too long, and it will be a great week, and we’re all so excited about Jessica’s wedding. She is the first grandchild to get married.”

So it began. Five days of Becky not only gushing like a fire hose about her life, but also about how much better she was at life than Gillian was.

“Where’s your bag, then?” Becky looked over the heads crowding the carousel. Through a heady waft of Chanel, Gillian focused on a hot-pink button on Becky’s shoulder, which was at Gillian’s eye level: “Mother of the Bride. This is my day too.”

Her big sister elbowed her way through the crowd, shoving aside a young man, and then perching, vulture-like, over the carousel.

It was going to be a long few days.


So what do you think?

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