Moving onto child number two …

There comes a day in a parent’s life when you have to let go.

I remember taking our oldest child to his first day at school. There was a sense of handing over as he wandered into his new classroom, backpack from the nape of his neck to just above his knees, and welcomed by his new teacher. He was ready for the next stage of his life.

There was a letting go; and an excitement to see what would happen next. The next thing was getting back in the car in the school car park, there was something new on which to focus: his little sisters. It was time to turn attention to them, to spend a little more time with them as they got clearer air now the older one was now in the hands of others.

That’s exactly how I’ve felt in the past month. My first book child – The Baggage Handler – is now on Amazon for pre-order. The story that started as an idea one night at nine o’clock is now in the hands of a publisher, who has cranked up the machine to help it on its next stage in life. And I’m keen to see how it goes.

And I’ve let go.

Now I can turn my attention to Book #2. The air in my mind has cleared of thinking about the concept of baggage almost 24/7, and I can thinking about cameras and honesty.

Book #2 is called The Camera Never Lies. It’s a story of a marriage, and a camera that reveals secrets best kept secret. I’m looking forward to turning my attention to it, spending a little more time with it and seeing which direction it goes.

I look forward to seeing it grow up to be like its big brother, being handed over to a publisher and proudly wearing a too-large backpack.

Here’s a sneak peek at child number two:

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